Stitch after Stitch

The new generation of knitters

I cannot describe how wonderful it is to look at my young knitters learning a new skill and proudly showing off their creations to their families. I love their enthusiasm, their patience, their determination and the way they celebrate each other when they look at what they have accomplished. And the best part? They all want more. So stay tuned, more workshops and classes coming soon!

Finger Knitting/Art Workshop

DATE: Wednesday, August 22nd  2018

TIME: 3:30 - 5:30pm

LOCATION: Curious Kids Stuff @ 4740 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

PRICE: $45 (material included)

Make room on those walls! The kids will come home with a beautiful art piece that will showcase they finger knitting skills and their artistic side. This workshop can be a great intro to knitting or simply a fun get together for the kids where they can learn new skills and be creative. The workshop is suitable for ages 8 to 10. After a very brief introduction of knitting arts and learning some fun facts about fibers, yarn and knitting tools, the kids will learn and practice finger knitting by completing a unique art project.

Please, have your children bring a water bottle.

We encourage to sign up as soon as possible to reserve a spot and ensure minimum enrollment. If the class is canceled due to low enrollment, we will issue a full refund.

Class size: 5 Students

Requirements: None


Bundle up in Alpaca

It's ready! This soft, warm and cozy blanket was knitted with pure 100% Baby Alpaca yarn. It was a fast and easy project for my niece, Parker, who is now bundled up in it and ready for a stroll in this unpredictable Seattle weather. 

Passing it on!

Many of us were taught to knit by a grandmother or mother. Unfortunately, the lack of time, patience and ability to focus these days are slowly killing this wonderful art. It's a shame because we don't realize not only how fun it can be, but also how useful it is. Lately many have described knitting as the "new yoga". This is very true and it applies to children as well. Knitting helps develop their fine motor skills, improves concentration, attention spam and patience. The repetitive nature of knitting also helps to make it a meditative and a calming activity.


When it is learned young, it helps build and strengthen all sort of skills kids are already working on at school. Math, for example, is an inherent part of knitting, as patterns often include counting stitches and rows, as well as figuring out pattern repeats and multiples. It also requires reading and following instructions, as well as problem solving and troubleshooting. Mistakes happen, and they are a great opportunity to look back at how the error occurred and figure out how to fix it.


Needle arts often also include a social component. Social knitting impacts perceived happiness, communication, social contact and self esteem. Because knitting includes a finished object that your child can use or wear (or gift to somebody), it has its own built-in reward system. It is a hobby that can start very simple and grow and change in complexity as your child masters new skills one at a time. 


In a world where it’s so hard to separate children from their electronic devices, you may think it is futile to try to teach children to knit. However, we tend to forget that human nature is constantly looking for gratifications and a sense of accomplishment. These are needs that children cannot fulfill over an ipad or a cell phone, but can be easily satisfied through activities that encourage them to be active mentally and physically.


2018 ~ Baby Blankets

Every year I choose a specific article to knit and I create many different versions of it playing around with different colors, yarns and patterns. After having a lot of fun with my scarves in 2016 and 2017, this year I decided I will be working on baby blankets, inspired by the birth of my sweet niece Parker.

Baby blankets hold memories of many cuddly moments, they travel the world with your children, they wipe tears, give warmth and comfort and they can be passed down from one generation to another carriyng the most precious childhood memories and stories. They are so much more than just a piece of fabric or a bunch of stitches.

Stay tuned!


The best gifts I've ever received? They are the ones that my daughter makes from scratch using some scrap paper, glue and whatever she finds in the backyard. The ones that carry simple, misspelled, true words that come straight from her heart. The ones that bring back old memories. Ever since I was a little girl, when I asked my mom what she wanted for her birthday or Christmas, she smiles and said, “Make me something.” I was raised in a family where a special experience together or a handmade gift is considered far more valuable than purchasing something from Amazon. Consider and support handmade this year. Whether it's a warm scarf, a unique ceramic or a one of a kind piece of jewlery. Tell somebody you love they are special to you, buy handmade.

Garda Infinity Scarf

I usually choose very simple patterns for my scarves, letting the yarn stealing all the attention. In this case I choose a very simple soft 100% Extrafine Merino yarn and played around with it a little, creating a wavy and fun look. It makes a very warm and soft accessory for Winter, and a perfect gift for a loved one! 


Palermo Infinity Scarf

Close-fit infinity scarf, knitted using 100% Pure Merino yarn. Super Soft Merino is beautiful, decadent and yes, super soft. For cozy warmth and cuddly comfort, it makes the perfect neck wrapper.

Lignano Scarf

I knitted this scarf using a wonderful blend of 70% Baby llama and 30% Mulberry Silk in an open lace pattern.

Piave Scarf

Get cozy with this over-sized, incredibly soft, chunky scarf, perfect for keeping you warm and stylish all Winter. I knitted this scarf using a 100% Pure Merino wool in two shades of blue. This stitch creates a visible texture and a wonderful drape.